Intersolar 2021

“The new energy transition is picking up speed across Europe – its players met in Munich”, says Intersolar’s summary of the leading trade fair for the solar industry, which took place from 6 – 8 October in Munich.

The motto “make solar energy accessible for everyone” was the leading statement, around which presentations of the newest innovation took place on the 45.000qm2 sized fairground. 26.000 visitors coming from 93 different countries attended the fairground as well as panel- and roundtable discussions with representatives of leading corporations and institutions, e.g the Frauenhofer Institut & Power Electronics.

Focus of the fairground was the link between photovoltaic/solarpower and digitalization to conclude the clear vision:

An intelligent, sustainable and interconnected energy supply.

And there is reason to be excited. The market is booming. 18.2 gigawats worth of photovoltaic energy were installed during 2020. This shows an increase in growth of over 11% compared to the previous year, whilst prognosis show there is more growth to come. The target is to extend the installation of sustainable energy forms in order to generate new jobs and speed up the solar industry, to fill power shortagesexpected in the near future.

The expansion of renewable energy forms and especially wind and solar energy are the first steps to decarbonize the energy industry. New and big investments coming from public and private sectors have already taken place in order to boost innovation and sales.