Growth boom in the photovoltaic sector

The growth of photovoltaic systems has increased all over Europe. 34% growth was observed in 2021 compared to the previous year (Solarverband SolarPower).
25,9 gigawatts of new solar-capacity was connected to the european network in 2021, which is the strongest year for solarpower yet.

The expansion of PV-systems is getting increasingly more important. It means independence from fossil fuels, whilst also allowing to be disconnected from current market prices, influenced by world events.

In 2021 nearly 2 million PV-system produced around 10% of all electricity in Germany. This trend is holding strong and is expected to increase over the coming years.
SolarPower predicts that in the mid-term there can be an expected growth of around 18-20% p.a. of installed solar systems. By this measure, there would be 672 gigawatts of photovoltaic power connected to the european network.

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