KACO blueplanet 3.7 NX1 M2

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The blueplanet 3.0 NX1 M2 – 5.0 NX1 M2 are 1-phase string inverters for residential solar PV plants

With the blueplanet NX1 M2, KACO new energy presents its next generation of 1-phase inverters. Their hallmarks are particularly effortless design, commissioning and operation. The designation M2 stands for the number of MPP trackers, both of which can be loaded with 3,500 watts each. The blueplanet NX1 M2 are therefore suitable for any roof geometry. The very wide design window of 100 V starting voltage – 80 V is the lowest operating voltage – to 580 V maximum DC voltage also contributes to easy planning. For operators, this means the greatest possible solar harvest at any time of day, in any season.

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KACO blueplanet 3.7 NX1 M2